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Mom's 10-Second Makeover

By Juliana Day

A popular kids TV show on Treehouse TV has a segment entitled, "The 10-Second Tidy". (Yes, I watch WAY too much kids TV!) A cute clown cleans up her big mess in 10 seconds, mostly by stuffing items into her oversized couch. Yes, it's a shortcut, and probably not the way you want to teach your kids to tidy up, but you have to give her points for getting it done in 10 seconds.

There is something to be said for the quick fix when it comes to moms, too. How many times do we roll out of bed to, "Mom? Mooooooooooooooooom?" We begin our day chasing after our precious little ones. By the time our husbands walk through the door at the end of the day, there we are still wearing PJ's, prying the toilet scrubber from locked little fingers and drying toilet water off our screaming infant.

I'm not implying that wearing make-up will prevent days like this - but at least you will look and feel better.

Here is what I call, the "Mom's 10-second Tidy":

  • Drench a face cloth in cool water

  • DO NOT SCRUB; it irritates the skin. Press the cool cloth on your face for a few seconds; gently press it on your closed eyes. This will close your pores and remove some of the puffiness from around your eyes.

  • Apply a light moisturizer. I like Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. Protect your skin from unwanted wrinkles and age spots by choosing a moisturizer with a minimum SPF 15 in it (this is also important in winter).

  • Brush your teeth.

  • If needed, use a little concealer to camouflage any glaring problems such as acne or dark circles around your eyes. If you use concealer, brush a small amount of loose powder over your face to set your concealer and softly blend the colors. If you can live without it, skip this step.

  • Dab on lip balm or gloss. If you like a little color, try fully covering your lips with your lip liner first. The color will last all day, and it won't come off when you apply gloss.

  • Unless you have those coveted, long, dark lashes, you will likely need something to help accent your eyes. Take your pick of a soft eyeliner or mascara. Don't go overboard - less is more, especially in a "functional" environment

  • Apply deodorant

  • Smile and face your day

Okay, it may take slightly longer than 10 seconds, but these are a few quick and easy ways you can go from "yucky mommy" to "yummy mommy" in no time. By giving yourself this "quick tidy", you will feel more energized to face your day. Plus, you won't be so horrified when the UPS deliveryman makes an unexpected visit!

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