3 Ways to Break Your Perfectionism Habit
Do you keep putting off goals because the timing isn’t just right? Is it difficult to end any project because you’re still putting the finishing touches on it? Do your family or co-workers accuse you of being impossible to please? Learn how to break this self-defeating habit
by Valorie Burton

In Praise of Rest
Exhausted? Losing your creative edge? Learn why intentional time-outs are key to renewing energy, creativity and vision.
by Keturah Harris-Leonforde.

Will Your Child Be Prepared for Careers That Don’t Yet Exist?
To give our children a competitive advantage in this Information Age and global economy, we must teach them how to learn STRATEGICALLY. Find out what learning skills are critical for your children’s success.
by Susan Kruger

Change your focus, change your life
Have you let limitations hold you back from envisioning great possibilities with God? Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone to pursue a dream? If you have been holding back, these tips will help get you started.
by Judy Rushfeldt

Strategies to Eat Healthy for Life
Most people know how to eat right, but maintaining what you have started is another matter. Here are five strategies to help you make healthy eating habits stick. Continue reading


Last Updated: March 21, 2024


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