Dressing Your Best for an Interview

By Sheila Dicks

The dress code in most organizations is as unique as the organization itself, thus it is impossible to find an outfit that will work well in every interview. What should you do? Do some investigating and find out how the employees dress and follow their lead - except dress slightly better.

Wear business-like attire, avoiding flashy colors, bold prints, and logos. Wear simple jewelry and keep it to a minimum. Wear clothes in which you feel comfortable, and void wearing skirts that ride up when you are sitting. Carry a nice attaché case or folder to hold your resume and samples of your work.

Before you leave home, check yourself in a full length mirror for rips, runs in stockings (take an extra pair just in case you get a run along the way) and buttons that are about to fall off. Following are a few extra points for making an impression at your interview:


Wear a fashionable suit or dressy tailored separates. Ensure they fit well and don't remove the jacket during the interview.


Prepare your clothes for the interview the night before and try them on and risk soiling them. Leave nothing to chance.


If you are not wearing a jacket and choose to wear something more casual, long sleeves are a must. Sleeveless garments should not be worn in a work environment and certainly not for an interview.


Never go without hosiery and don't wear sandals.


It has been said that you can look at a person's shoes and determine how wealthy they are, yet for many people, shoes are the considered the least important investment. For an interview or business, wear shoes with a closed toe and closed heel; ensure they are polished and free of nicks or scruffy toes.


Pay attention to your hair. A stylish haircut is essential to a professional image.


Carry yourself with confidence; stand tall with your shoulders back. Portray a successful image by paying attention to details such as tastefully applied makeup and wearing the best garments you can afford. Your confidence will also be enhanced by ensuring you are well-prepared, which means knowing the job you have applied for, knowing your resume and how your skills and experience fit that job.

Taking care of how you look will give you one less thing to worry about so you can concentrate on selling your skills.

Last but not least, don't forget to smile!!

Sheila Dicks is an Image and Wardrobe Consultant who teaches women how to dress to suit their body type and look slimmer. Visit her at www.sheilasfashionsense.com to download a copy of her ebook Image Makeover and get How to Build a Wardrobe free.

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