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The Proper Use of Clip-in Hair Extensions

Steve McCracken

Clip-in hair extensions can provide a radical change of look without any damage to your existing hair -- or thankfully, your purse! When worn correctly, clip-in hair extensions can transform a person's appearance and provide a real confidence boost.

Unfortunately, many people don't follow the right procedure when using their extensions. For instance, contrary to popular belief, they should not be worn overnight! So what is the proper way to use clip-in hair extensions? Hair piece experts and regular sellers of hair extensions would recommend including the following key steps in your daily routine:

1) Hair must be freshly washed

It is important to freshly wash your hair before you insert your clip in extensions - otherwise, due to natural oils in the hair, the clips will not secure properly. Furthermore, in order to achieve the best 'blended' look, hair should be free of any haircare product e.g. spray or serum. You can then use any of your regular products after the hair extensions are applied.

2) Back comb the roots of your natural hair

It is important to provide some 'purchase' for the clips - so ensure you back comb your natural hair at the roots. Start at the crown area and work your way down. Remember: do not use any hair product at this stage!

3) Comb clip in extensions from tip to root (not the other way around!)

Lay the clip-in extensions on a flat surface and carefully comb out each weft from the tip to the root. Working upwards to the root will prevent tearing the hair out.

4) Apply the shortest weft at the nape of your neck

Begin with the shortest weft and apply it close to the roots at the nape of your neck. Secure in place. Work upwards, leaving a 2.5 inch gap and apply the next weft. Repeat this with the remaining wefts, leaving the same space each time to ensure even, all over volume and length. The final weft should be applied at the tip of the ear.

5) Refer to manufacturer's guidelines

Clip-in extensions can be blow dried, curled or straightened but usually on a cool setting. Do not sleep in your clip in extensions otherwise you might destroy your natural hair follicles as well as causing damage to the extensions themselves. Use specially formulated shampoo and conditioner unless otherwise stated. And always refer to the manufacturer's guidelines for any special precautions.

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Article Source: The Proper Use of Clip In Hair Extensions

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