Instant Pedicures

By Karen Marie Shelton

If you recognize the importance of proper care for your feet but feel guilty about the time and money you spend at the spa, you may be interested in a hot new trend - express nail services. Express spa services, including pedicures, have never been more popular. They offer a great way to save time but still experience the benefits of a professional spa services.

If you're in a hurry, and many people are, you can sign up for an express pedicure in many spas and salons. First call your local spa and ask if they offer a special streamlined or express pedicure option. Some spas will offer a two-fer - meaning that you can get a manicure and pedicure at the same time by two different spa techs and be back on the street in less than 45 minutes.

Other spas will custom design an express package to fit your needs. You might have a pedicure, manicure and mini-facial all at the same time. Or you can layer services by having a manicure and pedicure with aromatherapy oils added to the soaking tubs or to the mini-facial mask. When in doubt, ask - and will probably receive.

Maximize the express spa experience by considering the following options:

1. Buy a series of pedicure sessions

Many spas will offer you a deal when you commit to a set of pre-paid treatments. Not only does this save you money on your service, it speeds up check-in/check-out transit times. Some spas or nail salons will even automatically deduct a session from your account when you book your appointment. This eliminates the pesky paperwork and fumbling for cash or credit cards.

2. Before arriving for your appointment deposit your estimated tip in a sealed envelop that can be easily reached

If you know and trust the nail techs, you may wish to include a tip with your prepaid treatment deal. This will eliminate digging for tip dollars as you sprint from the spa or salon.

3. Dress appropriately

Avoid wearing binding clothes such as tight skirts or pants that prohibit your ability to easily slip your feet into the appropriate soaking tubs. Consider the shoe options and if you can't work with spa flip flops, bring your own open toed sandals.

4. Make prior arrangements for refreshments

Some spas that offer express services will make arrangements to have a light and nail friendly lunch or snack available for you to enjoy during your treatment. Other will have liquid refreshments available, from coffee and tea to bubbly. Always inquire and express your desires in advance.

5. Maximize your downtime

You may want to hook up to your cell earpiece or load up your CD player and close your eyes for relaxation - ask in advance what is appropriate. Obviously some tasks are limited because your hands and/or nails may be occupied.

6. Consider all Express options

Since time is a precious commodity, try to prepare in advance to eliminate every possible time waster. If you prefer a special brand and hue of polish, call ahead to ensure your desired product is readily available. If parking is an issue at your chosen spa, ask about valet services. Some spas, for an extra fee, will even pick you up and take you back to your office.

Consider your needs and plan ahead. This will ensure stress-free, enjoyable express nail treatments.

About Karen M. Shelton - Noted as a leading consumer hair expert, Karen is the founder & CEO of the award-winning, financially successful, Her articles & hair tips have been regularly featured in 101 HairStyles, ShortCuts, Pregnancy magazine, Radiance, Hair World, e-Pregnancy,,, and Featured as a Cybergrrl of the Month and profiled in Cybergirl@Work: Tips And Inspiration For The Professional You, Karen was named as one of Working Woman Magazine's Entrepreneurs of the Year in 2001. She also received the MTBC Tech Titan award for Emerging CEO. Articles about Karen have appeared in the Dallas Morning News, D Magazine, Dallas Business Journal, Red Herring, Fortune Small Business, Modern Salon and Working Woman Magazine.

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