Are You Wearing the Right Sized Bra?

By Vicki Louise

Numerous media reports cite studies that claim more than 80% of women are wearing the wrong sized bra. Do you know whether your bra fits correctly? And does it really matter?

Wearing the correct bra size does matter, especially for older and curvier women. Younger women can get away without wearing a bra, or wearing one that doesn't support them properly, as their young muscles and tendons keep things in place. But as we age, proper support becomes vital. Besides, an ill fitting bra under a T-shirt or close fitting top is just plain ugly.

There are other, potentially more serious problems with ill-fitting bras, especially if you have a curvy figure. Breasts that are not properly supported can lead to problems with your back and shoulders as well as cause skin irritation. If you have never been properly fitted, why not try it? You may well find the bras you buy in the future will completely change how you carry yourself, bringing your shoulders back and boosting your self-esteem considerably.

Although many women are wearing bras that do not fit them correctly, many of us have the tendency to consistently buy the same size.

Often the best thing to do is keep trying on bras until you find one that fits properly and provides the support you need. Avoid relying too much on a tape measure, for in today's market, there are many variables in bra manufacturing.

Those variables include: fabric type, how the fabric is cut, level of support/elasticity, design, cup style (full cup, balconette, demi-bra, strapless, bustier etc.), variations in sizing between brands, variations in sizing conventions in different countries, variables in the production process, and fashion sizing (i.e.: putting smaller sizes on the label than the garment actually is …)

…and all this before you even start to consider how your own body alters over the course of the day, the month, the year, or events such as pregnancy, measurable weight loss or gain, or surgery.

Thus the best way of finding the right bra is to try on as many as necessary until you are happy with the fit, comfort, and look. If a bra is right for you, it will:

1. Feel comfortable - there will be no red marks or wheals
2. The back band will be parallel with the front band.
3. If it is underwired, the underwires will sit comfortably at the back of the breast without digging in. The front of the underwires will sit comfortably between your breasts and rest against your breast bone.
4. The cups will be full - not overflowing, and not sagging.
5. The straps will not cut in, and they won't slip down.

When you have bought the right bra for you, follow the care instructions to keep it doing its job as long as possible. Bras usually only have an effective life of around 5/6 months and will lose some elasticity each time they are washed. You will probably need to alter the straps and the hook position over that time to compensate for this.

Yes, there are too many women wearing the wrong sized bra. And yes, it does matter. There are many bras to choose from, so enjoy your search!

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