Brighten Up a Winter-Washed Face

By Juliana Day

Ah, the winter blahs. Some of us would love to escape the season altogether and hibernate. You look in the mirror and see pale skin, droopy eyes and a pink nose. What happened to those easy sun-kissed days of summer?

Gazing sullenly into the mirror won't help. It's time to shake off those winter blues and rediscover the woman your husband thinks is beautiful. There is a quick and easy way to brighten up a winter-washed face.

The solution: bronzing powder - every glamour girl's must for that grey skin remedy. After all, with our busy lives, who has the time to go to a tanning salon?

• Large Powder Brush
• Bronzing Powder

Choose a place with natural light. It is far too easy to turn yourself orange with this stuff.

  1. First apply your regular moisturizer, concealer and foundation. You may not need all or any of these - just ensure that your skin tone is even.

  2. It is important to make sure that all other make-up is set before applying bronzer. If you have any excess oil or wet make-up on your face, separate a two-ply tissue and gently blot skin. Otherwise the bronzer can stick to your face and appear splotchy.

  3. Dip the brush into the cake. You will need to use a circular motion in order to mix the colors and keep the powder in its container.

    Tip: If your bronzer is loose powder, make a little pocket in your hand with a tissue and pour a tiny bit into your covered palm.

  4. Start at the top of your face and brush in long, sweeping downward strokes.

    Tip: Brushing in an upward motion will cause the tiny hairs on your face to stand up. Most women would not want to highlight punk inspired facial hair as their best feature.

  5. Check your results under good lighting. If you have applied too much bronzer, simply blot with a tissue. Be sure the powder is evenly applied to all parts of your face. If you are splotchy, I suggest you wash your face and start over, rather than try and correct the problem.

Bronzer may not melt the snow and cause the sun to shine, but it could give you the little boost you need to beat the winter blahs!

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