Charting New Direction for Your Professional Life

By Wendy Hearn

Has your professional life reached the point where you feel stuck in a rut, and you know that the time has come for a change of direction? Perhaps you feel there must be something better than what you are doing, or you know you have more potential, but you don't know what you should do. One thing you do know is you are ready for change - and you want work that is meaningful, fulfilling and financially rewarding. Now is the time to re-evaluate and identify your true potential.

You may have some general ideas about potential new directions, but nothing concrete enough to take action on. In fact, lack of action may be part of the problem. You may be investing more time and energy thinking about what's wrong, than you are thinking about how you can change your situation and find a direction that aligns with your goals and values. Or, there may be so many possibilities open to you that you feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start.

Develop a Game Plan

Charting a new direction may mean a complete change of career, a dramatic upgrade to your career or even a decision to start your own business. All these are big steps that you must carefully consider and clarify. To ensure success in whatever steps you take, it's important to develop strategies for an overall game plan. Then you'll know what you're aiming for and will clearly see the next steps to take.

This approach will take slightly longer, but the right strategies will ensure long-term results. If you rush into change, in a few months or years you may find yourself back in the same rut you're in now. Strategies maximize what you do and keep your priorities uppermost in your mind, ensuring you are spending your time on what's important rather than being scattered in many directions.

Clarify Your Mission, Values, Strengths, Passions & Interests
If you're ready to develop a game plan to identify your new direction, I invite you to consider and clarify the following areas. As you work through them and gain essential clarity, you'll have the confidence of knowing you are taking steps that align with your purpose and values.

• Your vision, mission and purpose
• Your personal values; what's important to you
• Your strengths, talents and abilities
• Opportunities and resources
• The work you're drawn to doing, ideally
• Ideal life, career or business
• Who you truly are and what you have to offer
• Skills, knowledge and experience you've accumulated
• Passions, interests, inspiration, likes and dislikes
• When you're at your best

I invite you to explore these areas in more depth to gain the clarity needed to naturally uncover a new direction for your work.

Wendy Hearn, Coach, works with individuals to unlock their full potential for greater success, joy and fulfilment. Claim your free report, '3 Steps To A Successful Change Of Direction' at

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