Design the Business You Want

By Wendy Hearn

Whether you're starting a new business or developing an existing one, you must design it before you build it. This design should not only attract success, but it should be the right 'fit' for you. Instead of molding yourself to fit your business, design your business to uniquely reflect your passions and skills.

If you think you can't design your business the way you want, it's possible conventional thinking and some ingrained negative beliefs are getting in the way. Most things are possible. You may need to shift your thinking out of the box and consider new possibilities.

Force-fitting yourself into how you think your business 'should' be is often self-defeating. It's like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole. Instead, design your business to be the right fit for your personality, passions and skills, so that it enhances your life rather than detracts from it.

Too many people who start their own businesses find somewhere down the road they have lost a big part of themselves to their business. The reason may be the long hours they're working. Or they may feel stuck and frustrated by how the business has turned out.

Whatever stage you're at with your business, you can design it differently. On a blank canvas, lay out the foundations, the structures and the finished result. A key to designing your business is to get in touch with your authentic self, then identifying what you truly want from your business.

Once it is designed, you'll be ready to take the steps necessary to create your business as you see it. You'll need to go to work on your business, not just be working in it, to fulfill this design.

Working on your business means you must stop regularly, take a couple of steps back and look at the big picture objectively. This provides an opportunity to assess, evaluate and identify new improvements, possibilities and ideas.

Designing your business is more than a business plan; it's also about how your business is integrated with your life. It must align with your values and your personal vision, mission and purpose. It needs to support your creative productivity; it needs to compensate you for what you do best.

The design needs to include your business aims, the ideal way in which you want to operate, as well as the preferred clients you want to work with and the roles and responsibilities you ideally want to carry out yourself.

As you're on the road to growing your business to fulfill your optimum design, there may be some less than ideal choices you will need to make. For example, you may need to do some of the work that you don't enjoy doing (especially in the early stages). But if you have a design in place, you will also have clearly focused goals.

Your business can be the way you want it. First make the choice, design it as an ideal fit for you and then follow through consistently with inspired actions to transform the design into reality.

Wendy Hearn, Coach, works with business owners, professionals and executives to discover and unlock their own inspiration, to effortlessly take the actions required to have the success they desire. To receive Wendy's free newsletter, send an email to:

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