7 Lessons For Your Life and Business

By Wendy Hearn

While watching the recent tennis match at Wimbledon, I realized there are striking similarities between peak performance in sports and succeeding at life and business. If you want to achieve your very best performance - in your personal life, your career or your business - these seven principles will help.

1. Focus

Tennis players focus intensely and specifically on what they're doing at the moment. Their minds are not drifting off to other things. Knowing that focus is essential to success, they never take their eyes off the ball. You also must avoid taking your eye off the ball too often, or you could easily find yourself slipping behind and not staying ahead of the game.

2. Respond, Don't React

Responding means that you are ready, prepared and not likely to be surprised unexpectedly. Responding comes from being grounded; it empowers you to make wise choices as to what to do next. Reacting is a knee jerk response that keeps your fighting fires, constantly running behind, rather than making choices that contribute to your goals.

3. Goals

Tennis players know the direction they are heading and the target they are aiming for. You also need to be clear about your goals or you could end up all over the place. Tennis players make a conscious choice when and where to place a shot. They don't just hit the ball and hope. You need to make conscious choices about where you want to be and ensure that every action moves you forward in the direction you want to go.

4. Connect the Big Picture and the Next Step

Tennis players see the connection between the bigger picture and the next step. They know that every shot and every point counts, even early in the game. Similarly, you need to keep the big picture at the forefront of your vision, while at the same time focusing on the moment and taking the next step forward. Make every action you take count, and continue building
on it.

5. Mental and Emotional Strength

Winners in the sports arena do not allow doubt, lack of self-belief, frustration, upsets or negative self-talk to get in their way. They're willing to do what it takes to be strong mentally and emotionally. When you allow your emotions and mental chit-chat to affect you, you are not likely to perform at your best. As human beings, emotions play a big part in our lives. I'm not suggesting you deny or suppress your emotions, but just learn to handle your emotions and stay balanced.

6. Flexibility

Tennis players must be flexible in how they approach each game. Each opponent is different, having unique strengths and weaknesses; it is vital to have the flexibility to adapt to these changes. When you're flexible, you are willing to consider the best approach for each particular situation.

7. Clarity

Winning athletes are clear about the different components that combine to make their game successful. Lack of clarity holds you back; it makes you susceptible to fear and doubt, which can result in taking actions that go nowhere fast.

Wendy Hearn, Coach, works with business owners, professionals and executives to discover and unlock their own inspiration, to effortlessly take the actions required to have the success they desire. To receive Wendy's free newsletter, send an email to: newsletter@wendyhearn.par32.com
Visit her website: http://www.Business-Personal-Coaching.com


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