Give Yourself Permission to Change

by Valorie Burton

During a radio interview, a caller in her forties asked me if it was too late to change careers and pursue something she was more passionate about. “It’s never too late,” I told her. “If you feel led in a new direction, make a plan to transition and go for it!”

Her call came as no surprise. Many people I’ve encountered over the years—some in their twenties, others in their sixties—have sent me letters and e-mails wondering if it’s too late to make a change. Is it too late to change jobs? Is it too late to save a relationship? Is it too late to start planning for retirement?

I challenge you to let go of the idea that it’s too late to change the course of your life. In a world that pressures us to believe everything must happen in a compressed time frame, it can feel as though it is “against the rules” to follow a path that is outside the norm. It can especially feel like it is unacceptable to change your mind about what you want in life. But God will often lead you in a new direction once you’ve learned all that you were supposed to learn at a particular stage in your life.

Your experiences have developed you into a unique person whose path does not look like anyone else’s—nor should it. Even when you’ve made mistakes, it is not too late to learn from them and make a change for the better.

What have you previously decided it was too late for you to do? Is it time to reconsider? Let this message rekindle your desire for change. Give yourself permission to dream a bigger dream and walk a divinely inspired path that is uniquely your own. Remember, it’s not too late to try something new. In fact, life becomes stagnant when you get stuck in a rut. It’s tempting to give up on the idea that you could have what you really want in your life, but you don’t have to give in to that temptation. Your journey becomes richer and more joyful when you remain open to your possibilities.

Here are a few things it’s not too late for you to do. Add a few items of your own if you wish.

  • Change careers

  • Go back to school

  • Fall in love

  • Apologize to someone you hurt

  • Forgive someone who hurt you

  • Plan a trip to your dream destination

  • Have children (even if it’s biologically impossible, the child you were meant to have may be waiting to be adopted by you)

  • Start saving for retirement

  • Get fit

  • Start taking better care of yourself

  • Turn your finances around

  • Deepen your relationship with God

  • Change your attitude or your perspective on life

My Challenge to You:
Make a decision to open your mind to new possibilities. Take a step in the direction of your potential.
Coach Yourself:
What have you decided it’s too late to do? How would it feel for you to experience that opportunity after all? What will you do to move toward it?

Valorie Burton is a bestselling author, speaker, and life coach dedicated to helping people get unstuck and be unstoppable in every area of life. She is founder of The Coaching and Positive Psychology (CaPP) Institute and has served as a Certified Personal and Executive Coach to hundreds of clients in over 40 states and ten countries. She has authored 8 books including: Successful Women Think Differently, and Your 5-minute Personal Coach. Visit Valorie’s website:

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