Why Should I Improve My Speaking Skills?

By Alan Mann

"Why should I improve my speaking skills?" you ask. I have heard every conceivable excuse for not spending time, money or effort to improve one's ability to communicate. "I am not a professional speaker." "Speaking is not an integral part of my business." "I am scared to death of speaking in front of someone."

But there inevitably comes a moment in each of those people's lives when they long for the ability to speak in a more effective way. They are sometimes called moments of truth, the kind of moments where you are on the spot to speak up and say something. And it better be good! Perhaps you are asking someone to marry you. Perhaps you are interviewing for a new job. Perhaps you are asked to make an important toast at a dinner party. Perhaps you are called upon to chair a meeting. Perhaps you are trying to make a big sale. Or perhaps, (Gulp!) you must give a speech to a large crowd.

You have prepared your words, memorized your outline and rehearsed to yourself incessantly. But the defining moment ultimately comes when you become a shining success or a fizzling failure. How you actually communicate your carefully planned words will make all the difference in the world. The content is certainly important, but the presentation is what will make your message soar!

Unfortunately for most of the men and women in the scenarios above, most of their time and effort will be spent laboring over the content of the speech for the occasion and little, if any, time will be dedicated to the delivery. Good content will carry you only so far. Books can pass along great information, but only powerful and effective communication will set you apart and truly reach the heart and the mind of your listener.

Many experts consider the ability to communicate powerfully as the single most important skill in determining success in life. Common sense would certainly tell you the same thing. Just look around at the movers and shakers in our world, the top politicians, salespeople, teachers and community leaders. They all have one thing in common; they can communicate with impact. Their messages are heard and believed because they have developed and honed the skills necessary to be a dynamic communicator.

"What does all this have to do with me?" you ask. "You still have not told me why I should bother with improving my communication skills." Well, please believe me, you should, for one simple reason. Communicators rule! Communicators get the promotions, make the critical sales, lead the PTAs, have deeper and richer relationships…. The benefits of great speaking and communication skills are countless.

The fact is we are all public speakers. Every time we speak, either in public or private, we are trying to inform, persuade or motivate.

Don't you want your words to reach their goal? Then make a decision that will change your life. Begin improving your speaking skills. How? There are many ways to get started. Take a class. Sign up for a seminar. Join a club where you will be challenged to speak. Then speak, often. If you do, you will be miles ahead of the pack. Your self-confidence will grow as your personal impact on others grows. Do it now. You will never regret this investment in your well being and future.


Alan Mann is an experienced trial attorney, author and frequent speaker. He has helped many with his "Just Say It!" seminars which focus on improving speaking and communication skills. He currently resides in Huntsville, Alabama where he continues to practice law. Contact him at alanmann1@aol.com or his web site at www.alanmann.net.

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