The Benefits of Being Still

By Sue Dickinson

"I want a hug, mom," said my little boy. Who would say "no" to that, so I gathered him onto my lap and gave him a big cuddle. We remained that way - peaceful and quiet - for about 8 seconds. Then, the wiggling resumed.

If there's one thing I've learned about children, they don't sit still!!! Sure, when they are playing you expect them to expend energy, but at meal time, when watching a television show or in the car it would be nice if the perpetual motion would quit for just a moment. Thank goodness for bedtime - the one time of day when the constant wiggling stops!

Last night I tucked my son in after a particularly active day. If only I could find some inspiration to help him to appreciate the benefits of just being still sometimes. I went to my bookshelf to look for a book that might help.

But before I could reach for a book, I noticed how dusty the shelf was, so I ran to the linen closet for a rag and some Pledge. After cleaning that up, I noticed a big pile of papers that needed to be sorted, so I quickly started that. The pile was right next to a mound of laundry waiting to be ironed. As I set up the ironing board, it reminded me that I really should get a load of laundry done. I ran down the stairs, laundry basket in hand, and almost tripped on a pile of things I had stacked on the stairway to carry up the next time I went.

After those belongings were back in place, I got my book and headed toward my favorite chair. I really needed to figure out how to keep that son of mine from moving around so much. I mean really, why couldn't he just sit still?

On my way to the chair, I went through the kitchen and realized I'd never done the dinner dishes. As I loaded them into the dishwasher, I figured I may as well make tomorrow's lunches, and anyway, who can read when the family room is in such a mess?

I never did read that book I was planning to read. Instead, I spent the evening in my own version of perpetual motion. As I settled down to bed, I picked up my bible and my eyes settled on the following: "Be still, and know that I am God." (Psalm 46:10)

In a state of denial, I exclaimed "WOW! That's perfect for my son. He really needs that!" But, deep down, I realized who needed it more.

As moms, our job never ends. There will always be something there, ready to take the place of the task we just performed. More often than not, we accomplish so much during a day that when we finally sit down we fall fast asleep! While we constantly try to sell our children on the benefits of taking a rest once in a while, we find it difficult to remember that it is certainly a benefit that we moms should take advantage of as well. In addition to being a great example to our kids, it is our chance to re-group; to reconnect; and to find the strength and wisdom we need to continue on. It is the only way we can hear the mysterious messages sent to help us cope. It is our chance to be still. And know that we are not alone.

Sue Dickinson is the author of "What's a Mom to Do? Overcoming the Urge to Put Your Life on Hold" and the creator of, designed to celebrate the many facets of Mom. Because when you recognize them all, your possibilities are unlimited! Visit


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