A Date with the Prince

By Brenda Mayfield

Both of our sons were still in diapers, and it seemed I had changed them 50 times that day. Weary of their whining and need for constant supervision, I sighed. But soon I recalled, tonight's the night and grinned with excitement. My heart squealed at the thought of a long-awaited date with my husband. I could not remember our previous date-if we even had one. I imagined the soft lighting and music, savory prime rib, and uninterrupted time with my prince charming.

After slipping on a colorful new dress, I curled my hair while a toddler clung to my leg like a monkey to a tree. "I love you, sweet boy. Mommy won't be gone long." However, my husband arrived with that "Oops-I-forgot" look. Since he had failed to hire a sitter, he cancelled our date.

I glared at him and shook my head. Stomping off to the bedroom, I sobbed into my pillow. Taking a deep breath, I raised my head and prayed, "Oh, Lord. You know how much I needed this night out." My thoughts tiptoed to an idea… "Jesus, how about You-the Prince of Peace-will You take me on a date?"

I grabbed my purse and shot out the door. "Well, Lord. I'm disappointed, but I won't sulk because I'm spending time with You. Please remain with me and protect me." My prayers continued throughout the hour's drive. I even sang love songs to my Prince. I delighted myself in experiencing and enjoying His peace and presence, with no idea of the danger ahead.

As I approached my destination, a resort town, I veered into a rest stop to use the bathroom. While washing my hands, strong sensations startled my body as a warning resounded in my mind, Rush to your car and lock the door immediately!

I raced through the parking lot to my car. Just as my palm pushed down the lock on the door, a man's hand on the outside handle was trying to open it. His semi truck idled, with the passenger door wide-open and extra close to my driver's side. When I had squeezed around it, I noticed the door's interior stripped of its inside handle. If the man had thrown me into his truck, I would not have been able to open the door to escape.

My heart trembled as I sped out of the parking lot, but it soon settled as I considered the presence of my Divine Companion. I was grateful for my relationship with Him; and reminded of the importance of being sensitive to His leading and warnings.

Local news later reported an area police search for a serial killer suspected to be a truck driver. I thanked the Prince for His protection and for our memorable date. I learned I must never leave home without Him. Although my husband can sometimes bring me disappointment, my Savior-the Prince-can always bring me peace.

Brenda Mayfield is a motivational speaker, writer, and director of an international prayer ministry. Visit www.brendamayfield.com



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