Friendship with God

By Kelli Beaucage

I've heard it said that many people will walk in and out of our lives, but only true friends will leave footprints in our hearts. I was reflecting on this recently while driving home from a visit with an old friend whom I hadn't seen in almost a year. Charlotte was visiting a nearby city for a wedding, and called to ask if I could come and see her for a couple of hours. "It would be so nice to see you!" she sang into the phone. "It can't be long visit," she added. "We have lots going on with the family."

Although the thought of driving an hour and a half out of my way for a two-hour visit didn't initially excite me, I knew it would be worth it. Charlotte was one of those friends who had truly left a "footprint" on my heart. And even though we hadn't lived in the same city for several years, we somehow managed to stay in touch.

As I thought about our relationship and what made it so special, I couldn't help but recall the distressing events that drew us into a lasting friendship.

It was during a personal crisis that I discovered Charlotte was the kind of friend that "sticks closer than a brother". We had only been casual acquaintances when I was admitted to the hospital to receive treatment for a blood clot in my leg. While there, I was also tested for what I believed was a minor "female" problem.

Shortly thereafter, I received the shocking news that I had an early-stage cancer in my uterus. Childless and in my early thirties, I faced a decision that would forever shape my husband's and my future. The emotional pain was indescribable. It was the prayers and support of my husband, family and friends that carried me through this traumatic season.

Charlotte's display of true friendship is one of the most important factors that helped me on my road to recovery. She never failed to have a word of encouragement just when I needed it most. Sometimes her comfort was wordless - she was simply there for me, not saying anything but strengthening me through her quiet presence. I knew I could count on her to walk with me through this dark valley, and her constant acts of kindness will be fondly cherished in my memories.

Still, Charlotte's greatest expression of love was to point me to my real source of strength and assurance - my best friend, Jesus Christ.

I began to draw comfort from Jesus' words of life and hope written in the Bible. The more I read the scriptures, the greater peace I experienced. As time when on and the recovery process took place, He proved to me that I could count on Him for anything. For Jesus is not a friend who drops in and out of my life for a season. Like my friend Charlotte, He has proven time and again the constancy of His love and faithfulness.

The true friends in one's life will be there for you no matter what season you may be going through. They are friends for all seasons. And that's the kind of friend I've been so blessed to have in Jesus Christ.


Kelli Beaucage is a freelance writer and ordained minister. She and her husband, Leonard, pastor a church in Saskatchewan, Canada. If you would like to interact with her about this article, e-mail:

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