Restless for More: fulfillment in unexpected places

By Heidi McLaughlin

Whenever I meet women vulnerable enough to be honest about their feelings, all too often I hear this: “Heidi, I just want to be happy. But I’m so tired, frustrated, overwhelmed, and I feel empty. How do I find satisfaction in my life so that I know I am finally enough?"
I understand. Our souls are restless for that ultimate feeling of fulfillment.

One of the first questions I ask is: “How are you taking care of your heart?”  Imagine your heart being shaped like a bucket. Your bucket is full when you’re getting enough sleep, eating properly, spending time with God and all your relationships are in order. Conversely our buckets are empty when we feel angry, close to tears, lonely, resentful, mean, anxious and many more depleted emotions.

We desire a full bucket and so we try harder, work longer hours and are on a relentless quest to discover the right formula that will ultimately complete our soul. We know it’s out there. Jesus told us: “The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill an destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life” (John 10:10 NLT).

The prophet Elijah worked zealously for the Lord and after an audio-visual, alter burning showdown against 450 Baal worshippers, Elijah was exhausted. On top of that, he heard that Queen Jezebel was going to have him killed. So he ran into the desert, sat under a broom tree and said, “I’ve had enough. Take away my life. I’ve got to die sometime, and it might as well be now” (1 Kings 19:4).  When I read that it takes my breath away but I know many women feel that way.  Let’s use Elijah’s recovery as our model for refilling our buckets.

1. Get Rest

Sleep is so important to us and yet see this it as area of stealing more time. Sleep depravation is danger to our soul. 

2. Get up and Eat

We need proper nourishment before we can replenish our soul.

3. Meet with God

Finally Elijah regained his strength and ran to Mount Horeb to meet with God. He didn’t meet him in the windstorm, earthquake or fire. He met God in the silence.

2010 was the year of my empty bucket.  The desolation of that gnawing emptiness made me lean into Step 3 and seek God to find an answer for fulfillment and peace. I found it in 1 Thessalonians 5:18. “Be joyful always, pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances; for this God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

In spite of the fact that I was weary, sad and frustrated and my circumstances evoked more questions than answers, I chose to obey God and give thanks.  I started a Gratitude Journal.  Each day as I wrote something I was grateful for, I was reminded of God’s grace, His promises and that He is involved in every detail of my life.  Thankfulness changed my perspective and gave me hope. Slowly, it refilled my bucket.

I encourage you to take this simple step of starting your own journal and see how it will refill your bucket, find fulfillment and change your life.

About Heidi McLaughlin

Heidi McLaughlin lives in the beautiful vineyards of the Okanagan Valley in Kelowna, British Columbia. She is married to Pastor Jack and they have a wonderful, eclectic blended family of 5 children and 9 grandchildren. When Heidi is not working, she loves to curl up with a great book, or golf and laugh with her husband and special friends.

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