Using Natural Progesterone Cream Wisely

by Dr. Loretta Lanphier, ND, CN, HHP

Since the release of recent research studies warning about potential risks of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), the medical community has been in turmoil and somewhat divided as to what should be recommended to women who are experiencing symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Meanwhile, millions of women are confused about what to do to relieve their symptoms and at the same time not cause other health problems down the road.

Natural progesterone cream, when used correctly, seems to help many women through the symptoms of hormonal imbalance with many added benefits. Natural progesterone has the same molecular structure as the progesterone produced by the body. It is absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream. It can help your body keep estrogen and progesterone levels in balance, resulting in maintained sense of equilibrium.

As beneficial as natural progesterone cream is, we must be aware that we are dealing with a very delicate system - the endocrine system. According to Dr. Joseph Mercola, "The problem relates to the fact that progesterone is highly fat soluble and once applied to the skin will store itself in a woman's fat tissue. When one first uses the cream, there is no problem here as the fat stores are very low. But as time goes on, the cream accumulates and contributes to disruptions in the adrenal hormones such as DHEA, cortisol, and testosterone. I have learned that although progesterone cream is an enormously useful tool, it needs to be used very cautiously."

It is advised that women test their progesterone levels yearly. Although progesterone overdose does not cause great harm (initially sleepiness is a clue), we need to remember that the solution is balancing of all hormones. Anytime there is an over-balance of a hormone, even progesterone, the system will suffer and symptoms will appear.

Along with progesterone, balancing the adrenals is very important, but something that is often overlooked in hormonal balancing. There are many useful herbs that can help accomplish this along with the following: proper diet, stress management, and sufficient sleep.

Balanced Diet

A totally balanced diet like the one offered in my E-Book, Balancing Your Hormones Without Drugs…You Can Feel Good Again, is imperative. I am convinced that about 85% of all hormonal symptoms can be relieved with a healthy, balanced diet. Along with a healthy diet, drinking large amounts of clean, pure water is also essential.

Stress Management

Hidden stress can also be an underlying reason why some women do not experience relief of the symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Stress is often a "silent symptom" in that we have often learn to consider it a normal part of life. Some suggestions in dealing with stress include: meditation, prayer, exercise (especially walking), deep breathing and learning how to remove yourself from difficult situations involving negative stress. To alleviate stress, these must be practiced very daily.

Adequate Sleep

Studies indicate that over 75% of the population is sleep deprived. The importance of being in bed before 10:00 p.m. so that the body's biorhythms are not disturbed has been taught by natural medicine doctors for many years. The body does most of its repair and healing between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. If you are awake during these hours, your body definitely pays a price. There is no such thing as "catching up on your sleep". Once it is lost, it cannot be regained. Weekend "sleep warriors" are actually doing more harm to their Circadian rhythms than they may realize.
Like most things in life, we must always proceed with caution. There is no magic bullet when it comes to getting the body balanced and healthy. Natural progesterone is one of the most natural and safe ways to assist women with the symptoms of hormonal imbalance, but we must remember that our goal is "balance" in every area.

The following table shows the benefits of natural progesterone compared to estrogen. As you can see, progesterone has many effects on the body, and we would do well to use it wisely.

Estrogen Effects:

Stimulates breasts cysts; increases body fat storage; increases salt and fluid retention; can cause depression and headaches; interferes with thyroid hormone; increases blood clotting and risk of stroke; decreases libido (sex drive); impairs blood sugar control; can result in less retention of zinc and copper; reduced oxygen levels in all cells; increased risk of endometrial cancer; increased risk of breast cancer. A benefit of estrogen is that it helps provide a slight decrease in bone loss.

Progesterone Effects:

Protects against breast cysts; helps use fat for energy and keep it off hips; natural diuretic (water pill); natural anti-depressant; facilitates thyroid hormone action; normalizes blood clotting; increases libido; normalizes blood sugar levels; normalizes zinc and copper levels; restores proper cell oxygen levels; helps prevent endometrial cancer; helps prevent breast cancer; increases bone building.

Editor's Note:

Before using any new treatment or medication, whether prescription or over-the-counter, you should first consult with your doctor.


About The Author
Dr. Loretta Lanphier, ND, CN, HHP, CH is a Doctor of Naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist, Holistic Health Practitioner and Clinical Herbalist in the Houston, TX area and Founder / CEO of Oasis Advanced Wellness. A teacher, educator and seminar speaker, she counsels Oasis Advanced Wellness clients on the aspects of getting the body healthy and keeping the body healthy and also develops customized health programs to help clients get healthy. Dr. Lanphier is Editor and contributor to the worldwide E-newsletter Advanced Health & Wellness. To receive a free subscription, visit: Also visit: and We would love to become your "partner in health." Email:


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