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Will Your Child Be Prepared for Careers that Don't Yet Exist?
To give our children a competitive advantage in this Information Age and global economy, we must teach them how to learn STRATEGICALLY. Find out what learning skills are critical for your children’s success.
by Susan Kruger

Helping Kids Navigate their Dad's Alcoholism
How do you protect your children physically and emotionally from their alcoholic father, while simultaneously encouraging them to love and respect him? Read more

Longevity in Marriage
By Darlene G. Snyder

How does a couple in today's busy, high-paced world keep our relationships from fizzling? What does it take to keep us out of divorce court? I learned a long time ago that it takes considerable effort and willpower on the part of both parties to build a long-lasting and fulfilling marriage. Continue reading

Help Your Kids Succeed in School This Year
By Sheila Wray-Gregoire

A great teacher can be transformational in a child's life, but those with the greatest influence for helping children succeed at school this year won't be employees of School Boards. They'll be parents.
What can you do to launch your children well this new school year? Continue reading

The Family that Eats Together... Stays Out of Jail
By Judy Rushfeldt

Can juvenile delinquency be prevented? According to youth prosecuting attorney Carl Bartol, the majority of children can be saved from a life of crime. Continue reading

Meaningful Christmas Gifts
By Nancy Twigg

Filling a shoebox with goodies and sending it to a child who would otherwise have nothing for Christmas - it's a simple concept, but one that has enriched the lives of impoverished children all around the world. Every year, through Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child program, people from wealthier nations have the opportunity to help children all over the world by simply filling shoeboxes with small gifts and treats. Continue reading

Family Survival Guide for Back to School
By Stephanie Lyas

It's that time of the year again and parents and students alike are beginning to feel the stress that goes with heading back to class. Between shopping trips for those "must have" back- to-school bargains and winding down all of the summertime activities, families often need a little help preparing for the school year.
Continue reading

Proper Baby Shower Etiquette

The Family that Reads Together

Parental Control - TV Rating System

Finding the Perfect Home Childcare Provider

Elder Care: Senior Housing Options

Common Pregnancy Problems

Planning the Perfect Children's Birthday Bash

Oddly Placed Plungers and Greasy Hair

Postpartum Depression - Recognizing the Signs

Preparing Your Children for a New Baby

When Your Children Come From Different Planets

Ten Memorable Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day

Get Fit, Get Friends

Nurturing Your Child's Potential

Sharing Yourself

Why I Stopped Drugging My Hyperactive Child

From Teenage Thorn to Adult Rose

Improve Your Listening Skills

Build a Great Marriage with Healthy Communication

Why Moms Struggle for Perfection

Speak Up: Addressing Difficult Relational Issues

Frugal Father's Day Gift Ideas

Creatively Simple Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Marriage - Why This Time It Can Work

A Lesson in Responsibility

The Four Cornerstones of a Good Marriage

Create a Legacy - the Parent Plan

Ten Secrets of Great Listeners

Using Crafts to Communicate with your Teenage Daughter

Take a Parenting Check-up

Support Groups for Moms

Simple Family Field Trips

Discover the Leader in Your Child

Family Nights Together

Playground Etiquette

Being Different: Raising a Special Needs Child

Hold A Valentine's Day Rehearsal to Celebrate Your Loved Ones

Role Models for Your Teen

How Moms Can Change the World

Feeding Picky Kids

The Sort of Parent Every Child Needs

How to Fight Fair in Marriage

How to Be a Better Friend

Make Your Mediocre Relationships Great

For Sale - One Slightly Used Supermom's Cape
- Learn to relax and enjoy your children

Quality Time With Your Teen

Time Management for Moms

You Can Help A Bereaved Parent

Stay-at-Home Moms - The many ways you make a difference

Ideas for Celebrating Your Anniversary

Michelle's Story - Our Down Syndrome daughter taught us about love

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