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In Praise of Rest
Exhausted? Losing your creative edge? Learn why intentional time-outs are key to renewing energy, creativity and vision. Continue reading
by Keturah Harris-Leonforde.

Restless for More
Whenever I meet women vulnerable enough to be honest about their feelings, all too often I hear this: “Heidi, I just want to be happy. But I’m so tired, frustrated, overwhelmed, and I feel empty. How do I find satisfaction in my life so that I know I am finally enough? Continue reading

Change your focus, change your life
I recently watched a YouTube video of a young man skateboarding, golfing, swimming, playing an instrument, and holding his baby son. You may be wondering why I would waste my time watching a guy doing such ordinary, everyday activities. I did it for the same reason that 4 million other people watched the video. Continue reading

Fighting Leukemia: Sheila's story
When Sheila was diagnosed with leukemia, she was 23 years old and newly married. Laugh and cry with her as she shares the trials and triumphs in her battle with this deadly cancer. Continue reading

A Heart for God
Do you long to experience more of intimate fellowship with God on a daily basis? Do you desire long to understand God's Father heart for you? Do you want greater discernment of God’s purpose for your life?
Watch this video by Judy Rushfeldt
A Heart for God

On Faith
When we sit down on a chair, we have faith that it will support us. When we drive our car across a bridge, we have faith that those bridge-builders knew what they were doing. This is the simplest form of faith, the hundred-times-a-day confidence we have in the world around us. Yes, it will work. Yes, it won't break. Yes, my drive-through burger bag really does contain what I ordered and is not filled with shredded newspaper. Continue reading

Let it Rain
"Rain, rain, go away, come again another day." Secretly or audibly, we've all muttered these words. That's because, for most of us, the thought of rain means change, and not for the better. A good hair day goes bad, or a golf time gets rescheduled. Maybe the clean car of yesterday needs a return trip to the car wash. Our tendency to associate negative thoughts to the word 'rain' is obvious. Continue reading

A Date with the Prince

The Best Question Ever

Six Steps to a Beautiful Countenance

Looking for Reasons to Laugh

Divine Exchange: Joy for Depression

The Drive to Discover

The Courageous Olive Tree

Life after Loss

Mending Broken Relationships

Falling Leaves

Hope after a Miscarriage: Sarah's Story

Reduce Stress with Prayer Walks

Measuring Your Motives

Trusting God

Coping with my Mother's Alzheimer's

God of the Paperclips

A Father's Care

The Benefits of Being Still

Who is Your Pilot?

Don't Let Busyness Steal Your Christmas Joy

Asking Forgiveness - the Other Side of the Story

Finding Calm in Chaos

Overcoming Worry

Promises Kept

Flourishing Faith

Peace with God

Beauty Matters

Positively Maneuvering Life's Transitions

De-cluttering Your Heart

What if God Was One of Us?

Lessons from the Karate Kid

Never Give Up

Nurture Your Heart

Releasing the Need for Control

Does Stepping Out of the Boat Mean I Have to Get My Hair Wet?

The Best Day Ever

The Power of Hope

Of Desert Hills and Decisions

Taking it Personally

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

The Christmas Ribbon

Good News for the Winter Blues

Forgiveness Set Me Free

Invest Your Inner Wealth

Friendship with God

A Father's Care

New Beginnings

When a Loved One Dies

Free at Last

Depression Nearly Destroyed Me

The Road to Recovery from Sexual Abuse

Faith is a Journey

With God, All Things are Possible

Love In Action


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