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How to Produce Homemade Masks and Remedy Creams
by Rabbi Rew
Homemade masks and remedy creams are not only healthy and easy to make, but are sometimes cheaper than store-bought products. Read more

The Proper Use of Clip-in Hair Extensions
by S. McCracken
Clip-in hair extensions can provide a radical change of look without any damage to your existing hair -- or thankfully, your purse! When worn correctly, clip-in hair extensions can transform a person's appearance and provide a real confidence boost. Continue reading

Skin Beauty Basics
By R.L. Fielding

Despite the media coverage of makeover reality shows, the majority of women are not looking for extreme transformations. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, most of us want to look better, naturally, with 68-percent preferring a subtle change. And experts agree that looking your best could be accomplished at home for considerably less. Continue reading

Top 5 Summer Style Sins for Women over 40
With the warm weather here you're probably feeling relaxed and casual and it's easy to get sloppy and let your summer style slide. Let the Glam Gals guide you to a comfortable yet chic summer wardrobe. Continue reading

Long Live Your Lingerie
By Suzanne Jackson

You found it! The perfect bra. It fit's. It flatters. It's fabulous. Now, how do you keep it that way?
Your new bra won't last forever but, by following the care instructions, you can prolong its life.
With proper care, an everyday bra will last six months to a year.
Continue reading

Dressing Your Best for an Interview
By Sheila Dicks

The dress code in most organizations is as unique as the organization itself, thus it is impossible to find an outfit that will work well in every interview. What should you do? Do some investigating and find out how the employees dress and follow their lead - except dress slightly better.
Continue reading

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Freshen Up for Spring

Val Day's Fashion Tips

Brighten Up a Winter-Washed Face


Last updated:November 29, 2014

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